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FileMaker Web Publishing:
The Ultimate Guide to FileMaker and PHP

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PHP techniques that save you time
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Finally, a FileMaker Web Publishing book that brings it all together. FileMaker users have long needed a resource that contains everything needed to bring FileMaker to the web. No one book has successfully brought all this information together. You could spend days trying to find the right answers and spend literally hundreds of dollars in the process. Now this has all changed. No matter what your level of FileMaker web development, this book will guide you step-by-step to complete web-publishing success. How can I be so certain? I have written over 300 FileMaker web sites and answered literally hundreds of emails on FileMaker web publishing and taught classes across the United States. I have written a book that will take you form pure novice to being a pro.

This book covers web publishing from HTML basics to hard core FX.php and PHP scripting. I have included dozens of exercises that will take you through an HTML primer, a CSS primer, a PHP primer, an FX.php primer, and an FX.php Advanced section. This book starts with the necessary basics giving you the absolute foundation that you need for FileMaker web publishing, and then takes you step-by-step adding on necessary coding and scripting you will need to become a successful web publisher. Your success will be threefold. Not only will you be able to publish FileMaker web pages, but with this knowledge you will also be able to build HTML/CSS and PHP web sites. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge you gain from this book, but also your marketability will also greatly increase. Areas of interest, potential clients you could not previously pursue will now be available to you.

How the book works
The book is broken up into multiple sections. Each section contains a series of exercises that builds on previous exercises. Each series should be completed before you move forward in the book.

More than just a book! Make yourself heard.
We want this to be more than a book! Over the next year, we want this book to continue to grow and expand as you evolve. How will we do this?

  • We have created a forum just for this book. We encourage you to make use of this forum by making suggestions, asking questions, making request and providing constructive criticism as to how we can improve the book

  • Every month we will use the information from your emails and our forum to update the book and use your ideas as to what monthly project we will create

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*If after 6 months of working with this book and working through the projects you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your purchase.