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This version of FMStudio Pro is compatible with Dreamweaver CS5, CS5.5 and CS6


compatible withCompatible with:
Mac & Windows
Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, DW 8,
CS3 & CS4

*FileMaker 7 - 11

Using Dreamweaver CS5 or CS5.5?
See what FMStudio Pro has to offer

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FMStudio v1 - Single User

(includes both the API for PHP and FX.php versions)


Latest Update v1.9.0  
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I was extremely impressed with how quickly I was able to display FileMaker data on the web. When the webpage loaded and I saw my FileMaker fields, I thought "whoa magic!"
Jason Moorehead

Yale University says
As far as actually being productive with a low learning curve and the level of customer support, your company is by far the best. I hope you continue to maintain the high standard of product development and customer support.

Do you want to create FileMaker websites? Does learning yet another language sound like a fate worse than death? What if you could create FileMaker driven websites without writing a single line of PHP would that interest you? You can. To prove how easy it is to use FMStudio to build both simple and complex websites, we performed 3 LIVE webinars in front of hundreds of FileMaker developers. Each webinar lasted 1 hour, and in each demonstration we built complete FileMaker driven websites. AND WE NEVER TYPED A SINGLE LINE OF CODE. You see we believe in our product's abilities.

Why is FMStudio so powerful? Simply put, you can have absolutely NO knowledge of PHP, yet you can create FileMaker powered websites! That means a complete web novice can build FileMaker websites immediately!

What is FMStudio? FMStudio is a Dreamweaver extension that enables you connect FileMaker to Dreamweaver. This means that you can see your live FileMaker data inside Dreamweaver. You can drag and drop fields, work with portals, value lists, scripts and more. You simply select a FileMaker table, and drag the fields you want right into the Dreamweaver work area. Since it is a LIVE connection to FileMaker, you can view how your pages will look populated with actual data from FileMaker as you create them. FMStudio writes ALL of the code for you.

How will FMStudio help me? FMStudio lets you visually build your FileMaker website. You do not have to write any PHP code. FMStudio handles writing all of the code for you. Perfect error free code over and over again. FMStudio increases your programming speed by 40% - 60%. To see this in action, be sure to watch any of the webinars below. Here is a complete website that we built in less than an hour during our last webinar. Shopping Cart Website

I created a customer contact website from scratch in a matter of minutes and immediately deployed it on the web. Do you think that would excite your clients or boss? Build a Web Site With FMStudio

FMStudio Modules
FMStudio Modules are extremely powerful. These modules give you the flexibility to add amazing features to your websites within minutes without writing any PHP code. To see a powerful demonstration of the module in action, check out this movie. Watch the Webinar


FileMaker Web Publishing BookNOW AVAILABLE!! A Complete Guide to FileMaker Web Publishing with FMStudio

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FMStudio Barcode Module FMStudio Email Module FMStudio Calendar Module
Now Available
See the Calendar Module in Action

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FMStudio Charts Module
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FMStudio Upload Module
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FMStudio Templates and Icons Module
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FileMaker PDF Printing
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FileMaker PDF Printing
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FMStudio iPhone Module
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FMStudio PDF Module
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FMStudio Google Maps Module

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FMStudio PayPal Module
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  *FMStudio uses PHP and FileMaker's XML. You must have FileMaker Server 7 or 8 Advanced, FileMaker Server 9, 10, 11or host your files with a web host running this software.